Links Related to the Transition of Hong Kong

The Government of HKSAR of the PRC
HKSAR Legislative Council
Hong Kong Year Book
Hong Kong Fact Sheets
Hong Kong Constitutional Development
Budget Address
Policy Address
The Basic Law
Hong Kong in Figures


Political Parties in Hong Kong
Citizens Party
Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong
Hong Kong Democratic Party
The Frontier
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Union
Hong Kong Liberal Party
Hong Kong Association for Democracy & People's Livelihood
Article 45 Concern Group
New Century Forum
Hong Kong Alliance in Support Patriotic Democratic Movements


Local and Foreign Newspapers
Apple Daily
Oriental Daily News
Ta Kung Pao
Wen Wei Po
SingTao Daily
The Standard
South China Morning Post
Hong Kong Commercial Daily
A45 Paper
Metropolis Daily
AM 730
China Daily
Hong Kong Daily
The Asian Wall Street Journal
International Herald Tribune