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Parties, Policies and Political Reform in Hong Kong
Released on May 2006


Hong Kong Constitutional Reform: What do the People Want?
Released on 13 December 2005

850 KB

Assessing the New Chief Executive
Released on May 2005

309 KB

Constitutional Reform Survey
Released on December 2004

192 KB

Half-way to Where
The Electoral Structures and Public Opinion Contexts: 2004 Hong Kong Legislative Council Election

 (English Version)
Released on 5 August 2004

565 KB

Listening to the Wisdom of the Masses (English Version)
集思廣益:香港市民對憲制改革的意見 (Chinese Version)
Released on 12 January 2004


985 KB

2003 District Council Election Forecast
Released on 21 November 2003


470 KB
Accountability and Article 23 [English]
Released in December 2002

890 KB

"The First Five Years" [English]
Released in June 2002


595 KB

1997 July Report -- Sticking Your Neck Out, The First Ten Years of the HKSAR:
A Study in Unintended Consequences [English]

Posted in August 2002

400 KB

"Winter of Despair" [English]
Released in December 2001

532 KB

Taking Charge and Cleaning Up:
The search for a greener environment in the Hong Kong SAR

Released in December 2001
A project of Civic Exchange and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Survey research and report preparation by HKTP

550 KB

"Becoming China" [English]
Released in April 2001

337 KB

"Forming Opinions More Thoughtfully" [English]
First Report

337 KB

Deliberate Opinion Polls in 1999 [English]
Poll 1 & Poll 2 Frequency Results

337 KB


337 KB

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The Hong Kong Transition Project is funded by a competitive research application to the central academic research funding body of the Hong Kong Government, the Research Grants Council.

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